Niger Delta Climate Change Exhibition in London

In Peckham, London, Connected Advocacy for Empowerment and Youth Development Initiative (Connected Advocacy) is a charity youth-led and youth ,championed  organization  with a vision to build an integrated ecosystem where the marginalized citizens are included as active participants in the political economy of their society. Organized a land mark exhibition at Peckham levels in London which was both online and physical with a focused to amplify the impact of climate change in our local communities in Africa, Nigeria and the need for global north to take realistic action that will impact positive at the grassroots.

The Executive Director Prince Israel Orekha, said the climate of the Earth is changing. Global temperature is increasing, weather patterns are altering, and additional consequences may be on the horizon. Yes, the climate has altered over the course of Earth’s history, but for the first time, human communities are confronted with the global repercussions of climate change.

According, the Secretary-General of the United Nations, António Guterres on the commemoration of the anniversary of the United Nations on September 23, 2021 recognized that climate change and mismanagement of the environment have led in 2020 to the displacement of over 30 million people, 90% of whom come from countries that are least able to adapt to the climate crisis. Women and children are the main victims of this situation with regard to their roles in crop farming, water and wood energy supply to meet the needs of families.

These artworks were done by us and we are using them to tell the story of climate change. We want these stories to be readily available in the hands of the youth, women policymakers and the public―we believe this will help us all see the need to take urgent steps against climate change and support local community action at the grassroots.”

The Niger Delta Climate Change Exhibition (NDCCE ); a strategic event to amplify community actions in combating climate change and to highlight the struggles of climate actors and also bring to the forefront grassroots findings in various rural communities in the Niger Delta, Nigeria. There is a need to amplify the impact of  climate change for better understanding. Telling the story of the change that has occurred  though arts, climate actors can better inform the public and policymakers on the need for urgent actions.


  1. Fostering intercultural collaboration and education in the fight against climate change, for improve citizen’s participation in mitigative climate actions.
  2. Celebrate the works of climate advocates and actors in the region.
  3. Raise support for Climate Communities Education Research/Campaign and the hosting of the first cohort of School of Environmental Economy and Democracy (SEED) for decent green jobs and climate action, route for a just energy transition

According Madam Betty B. Mukoro one of the organizer, said the objective of the exhibition is to fostering intercultural collaboration and education in the fight against climate change, for most citizens of the great Britain do not understand the great impact that climate change has affected African communities, this event help increase knowledge and better view on the need for the Global North to improve commitment to support Africa Climate action initiatives.

In the words of one of the participants at the London Niger Delta Climate Change Exhibition, Pastor Tony Ozue of The Heaton Road church in London said the urgent need for ecosystem restoration now because we do not have another planet appreciated the organizers for putting such information together

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