Community Consultation on Net-zero in Nigeria northwest -kaduna

Awareness Raising and Community Consultation on Net Zero in Sabon Gari LGA, Kaduna State

Date: Saturday 15th July, 2023

Location: Sabon Gari LGA Pilgrims Welfare Board Hall, Sabon Gari LGA Secretariat, Dogarawa. Kaduna State. 

Activity Report: 


The event began with a comprehensive introduction to set the context for the awareness training and community consultation on Net Zero in Sabon Gari LGA, Kaduna State. The importance of achieving Net Zero emissions and its potential impact on the community were highlighted.

Welcome address by the LGA Chairman:

The Chairman of Sabon Gari LGA warmly welcomed all participants, including community members, local government officials, stakeholders, and representatives from various organizations. The Chairman emphasized the significance of the event in addressing the pressing issue of climate change and ensuring a sustainable future for the community.

Welcome address by Prince Israel Orekha the Executive Director of Connected Advocacy:

The Executive Director of Connected Advocacy, a leading environmental organization, delivered an inspiring welcome address. The Director emphasized the critical role of community engagement and collaborative efforts in achieving Net Zero emissions. The importance of raising awareness and promoting sustainable practices within the community was highlighted.

The Executive Director of Connected advocacy Prince Israel Orekha, who also represented the other consortium member The 21st Century Issues and the International Climate Change Development Initiative who gave his welcome address to the people of Sabon Gari local government. He highlighted the for community organizing, sustainable life style, the impact of climate change is not what we can run away from, because is here we need to take action to mitigate its effect. Net-zero is the target so we all must embrace good practice which start  from think afforestation, sustainable tree planting exercise, waste management, and recycling, transiting to clean and just  renewable energy, the use of solar powered homes, cars mentioned but a few. Mr Prince Israel Orekha said moving forward to  achieving Net-zero, it is importance for community involvement in making commitment to climate action that they will implement, He  also gave the objective of  this community consultation on Net-zero and the benefits it will achieve.

To achieve deep emissions cuts and or net zero parties to the Paris Agreement, countries are in the process of articulating their long-term low carbon emission strategies. Nigeria is in the process of formulating its own low-emission strategies and all stakeholders including civil society organizations CSOs, Communities are enjoined to support Nigeria on the road to low-carbon development, that is why the Connected Advocacy (CA) , Centre for 21st Century Issues (C21ST), International Climate Change Development Initiative (ICCDI) are the CSO platforms championing awareness on NET-ZERO carbon emission reduction in Nigeria. Accordingly, the three organizations to support Nigeria’s low carbon transition , necessitate this community consultation to Raising Awareness on Net Zero and climate change mitigation  in Nigeria with the main goal of the project is to “provide information and tools to communities, media, and CSOs to take action for deep emission reductions in Nigeria”, also to provide, feedback from communities, the media, and CSOs to policymakers on mainstreaming community concerns into long-term mitigation strategies for Nigeria

First speaker (20 minutes):

A designated speaker presented a detailed overview of the concept of Net Zero emissions. The speaker explained the significance of reducing greenhouse gas emissions and achieving a balance between emitted and sequestered carbon. The specific relevance of Net Zero to Sabon Gari LGA was discussed, considering the local environmental context and challenges.

Second speaker (20 minutes):

Another expert speaker addressed the audience, focusing on the role that the community can play in achieving Net Zero. The speaker highlighted best practices and successful case studies from other communities. Topics covered included energy efficiency, renewable energy adoption, waste management, sustainable transportation, and community-based initiatives.


After the presentations, the floor was opened for participants to share their thoughts, ask questions, and provide contributions related to Net Zero in Sabon Gari LGA. The participants actively engaged in discussions, sharing their insights and experiences. The importance of knowledge sharing, capacity building, and fostering partnerships among community members and stakeholders was emphasized.

Some of the contributions the community members made were:

  • He encouraged every car owner to ensure the perfect condition of their car’s engine, as it contributes largely to the release of carbon into the atmosphere.
  • We want to see the efforts of the Government towards solving these problems, and let’s all do it together.
  • NGO’s and the government should organize more of these activities and provide a take home flier, containing the aims and objectives of the event and all the knowledge passed across during the event. This will enable us not to forget about what was taught during the event. 
  • Ever since he has been in Zaria, he hasn’t seen Government officials that work in the environmental sector going door to door collecting waste. 

Some of the feedback the community members gave included:

  • It is best that we all pay attention to everything discussed today and give maximum consciousness to how we use our cars and manage our waste. 
  • It will be a good initiative if we have the intervention of the government towards achieving NET-ZERO zero through the provision of a cooking gas cylinder for the less privileged. 
  • We all should ensure good behavioral attitudes towards managing our waste. We should detest the habit of gathering nylons and burning them; The carbon emitted into the atmosphere is dangerous to our health and Our environment and our health are our lives. We won’t see the benefit of all these actions now, but rather in the future. 
  • Palmflets or handouts will aid in a better understanding of the event. 
  • Most asthmatic patients hate the smoke from Firewood.
  • The majority have been asking the Government to do virtually everything, but  the Government cannot fulfill everything for us; the Government will not sweep for us. It is high time we take action so we can make good use of our smartphones. 
  • NGOs and Governments should create more awareness and sensitization programs, as the majority of people in Sabon Gari LGA are not aware of these problems. 
  • Collaborate with community stakeholders and organize a One -day or Two-days community workshop.
  • The Government should make policies and ensure these policies are implemented effectively. 
  • Promote Advocacy. 
  • We have been educated on cleanliness of our environment, and achieving this won’t be possible without us. 
  • A lot of the government’s environmentalists know what to do and when to do it, but they aren’t doing it, and they expect a salary. Government environmental officials should make sure they clean everywhere as expected.  

Some of the questions the community members have include:

  • How do they ensure effective waste management? 
  • Are the necessary stakeholders in charge of proper waste management doing their jobs? 
  • Does the Government take responsibility to ensure these stakeholders do their jobs effectively?  


The facilitator summarized the key points discussed during the event, highlighting the critical importance of community engagement and collaboration in achieving Net Zero emissions. The participants were encouraged to actively participate in local sustainability efforts and to explore innovative solutions tailored to the specific needs and resources of Sabon Gari LGA.

Final Address:

The LGA Chairman delivered the final address, expressing gratitude to the organizers, speakers, and participants for their active involvement in the event. The Chairman reiterated the commitment of the local government to support initiatives that promote environmental sustainability and emphasized the significance of community-driven actions in achieving Net Zero. The Chairman encouraged everyone to take responsibility for their individual and collective actions, and to advocate for sustainable practices within their respective spheres of influence.

This activity report provides an overview of the awareness training and community consultation on Net Zero in Sabon Gari LGA, Kaduna State. The event successfully raised awareness about the concept of Net Zero and its relevance to the community, while also fostering meaningful discussions and encouraging active participation from all stakeholders. The role of the community in achieving Net Zero emissions was highlighted, along with best practices and successful case studies. The event concluded on a positive note, with participants empowered and motivated to contribute towards achieving Net Zero in Sabon Gari LGA. The collaborative efforts of the local government, environmental organizations, and community members were acknowledged as essential in driving sustainable change and ensuring a greener future for the community.