Upcoming Local Community Summit on Divestment & Environmental Justice

The Local Community Summit On Oil Divestment &Environmental Justice


Strengthen Indigenous Knowledge to Bridge Climate Action Gaps in Transition from Fossil Fuel   


After COP28 , the need to ensure Local Community voices are heard in Oil Divestment and Environmental Justice became imperative for this Summit.

The project aims to establish the “Local Community COP on oil Divestment and Environmental Justice” in the Niger Delta region. This initiative will identify, engage and equip local communities affected by environmental pollution from oil extraction and degradation. The project will focus on increasing community awareness of IOCs’ divestment plans and their implications, and the imperative for   environmental accountability for damages to the ecosystem, livelihoods, and health.


  • Sharpen local community skills to demand for environmental justice and amplify their voices through story telling on the implication of divestment without remediation.
  • Deepen conversation on local climate actions, advancing indigenous knowledge roles, responsibilities and an opportunity to bridge the climate crisis gaps through collective impact.
  • Create opportunities for local community to take ownership of the collective impact sessions by leading engagement to demand for environmental right before divestment
  • Increase knowledge and strengthen participants’ skills on related policy and advocacy tools and approaches to share knowledge from the conventional COPS and beneficial ownership disclosure.