Demanding climate action as top priority agenda in the 2023 elections manifestofor political parties and their candidate’s

Connected Advocacy in collaboration with GIFSEP organised a one day Edo Vote 4
Climate multi-stakeholder dialogue.
It is a big concern at the moment that major political parties and candidate are not doing more
in sharing their policies and programs of intervention when they assumed office, more
worrisome is the lack of climate change agenda on their policy and program as it affect local
communities and they will be doing to address them
The stakeholders at the Edo Vote for Climate multi-stakeholders dialogue demand that
climate action should form the top priority agenda for any political party, and their candidates
for effective implementation of their policies and programmes for the next administration.
Top Priority area of our demands, show this critical area that requires immediate attention.
1, Low Awareness on Climate change education – level of awareness about the impact of
climate and how to mitigate it is very low , among policy makers , political parties ,
candidates and citizens in general and its implication national development, if considered as
special needs and circumstance .
2, Poor political will to implement people centered climate action policies
i. Review of the Nigeria NDCs accessing level of performance, and meeting up with
their commitment to local communities decarbonization, adopting energy efficient
models of transportations, waste management etc.

3, improve investment in our agroecology value chain for ecosystem restoration , and
conservation of our biodiversity .
4, Insecurity and climate change migration -with holistic implementable plans for drought,
flooding and insecurity.

5.improve investment in capacity development, research and technology transfer for our
emission reduction and just energy transition strategic plans should be local community
driven, to help tackle issues around waste management, pollution and land use.
6, review of political party manifestos and programs to clearly address the concerns of
environment degradation, climate emergency-disaster risk reduction (Flooding and drought)
7, open community resources mapping of our natural resources and invest massively in
alternatives to fossil-fuels , with a clear natural resource charter with the community.