Localizing Climate Action


“Community adaptation approach for environmental sustainability and strategy for enhancing grassroots mitigative actions, to tackle Climate change.”

Table of Content

  • What climate change means to you {identifying and elaborating on the different meaning of climate change, how it affects our Health, environment, means of livelihood, society at large)
  • Telling the story of the impact of climate change that has occurred (what is the current situation of the environment, identifying the change that has occurred, cause of the change and how to adapt to the current change that has occurred because change is constant}
  • Building a community of practice for early warning system for climate crisis prevention (identifying the key early warning signs and how to develop the early warning index metrics to mitigate climate community crisis)
  • Community organizing for climate action Messaging for climate justice Issue framing.  (Understanding there are peculiarities in each community as regard the impact of climate change and how it affects, how can community organize themselves as regard the issue, build a voice and amplify their voices for mitigative action)
  • Developing smart advocacy campaign (how community members can participate in advocating for climate action in their environment) Building a movement that work (how community can partner for climate justice and climate actions)
  • Best fit strategy for holding multinational polluters and policy makers accountable for environmental degradation (you need an idea from a loyal, how community can participate in paralegal or legal suit to demand for climate justice)
  • Environmental sustainability nexus between community engagement, governance and accountability (to give an ideal picture of an environment that has thrived where the leaders are accountable, where policy implementation is working at its peak, where citizens are informed on various actions to mitigate climate change, pictures of trees growing, people sitting together to discuss)
  • Nigeria climate change policy’s (pick out the policies itself)

Key concerns/rationale, Recommendations/suggestions.

(Detail work will sent base on request info@connectedadvocacy.org.ng)

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